React Native Advanced.

React Native workshop which covers some advanced React Native topics.

Prerequisite: You get most out of this workshop if you have a working experience with React Native and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Hands on workshop

Topics are covered interactively via

  • 1
    live coding demos 🎓🖥 - in which I'll ask you many questions.
  • 2
    coding exercises 💻 - in which you'll write and/or refactor code.


A list of possible workshop topics. Depending on the available time we'll collect the topics from this list which are most relevant to you.

React Native Basics

In case you don't have extensive React Native experience we'd begin with a review of React Native basics:

  • Styles with the Flexbox styling system
  • Lists (FastList vs. ScrollView)
  • Async event handling

React Native Setup & Tooling

  • Live Debugging in VSCode
  • Expo vs. "vanilla" React Native
  • react-native-debugger
  • Flipper

Navigation with react-navigation

  • General intro (stack navigators, tab navigators and screens)
  • Nesting navigators
  • useFocusEffect vs. useEffect vs. react-freeze
  • navigate vs. pop, push, moveTo etc.
  • navigation object, useNavigation hook and "navigate from anywhere"
  • Modals & Overlays


  • reanimated2: Animations at 60 frames per second

    • Basics: worklets, useSharedValue, useAnimatedStyle, animation drivers (withSpring, withTiming)
    • Gestures with react-native-gesture-handler
    • Layout animations
  • Animated

    • Basics (animation values and combining animations)
    • Interpolation
    • LayoutAnimation: state driven animations with minimal effort
  • HOC (higher-order-component) of fade-in/fade-out animation


  • Snapshot tests: Simple way to prevent UI regression bugs
  • Component tests: Ensure the desired UI layout
  • End-2-End Tests with Detox


  • Working with Sensors: Camera

Some facts regarding my React + React Native experience:

  • ⚛️ React + React Native development since December 2015. Choice of technology at the time as CTO of a tech startup.
  • Extensive TypeScript experience since 2017 - began using TS together with React when TS didn’t support JSX yet.
  • Top 5% worldwide in React-Native and JavaScript on StackOverFlow
  • Technology Trainer for React Native/React/TypeScript. Held workshops at clients like Barclays, McKinsey, REWE, DATEV, DMTech among others.
  • Speaker and workshop leader for React Native/React/TypeScript at professional conferences (e.g. c't webdev, ReactNext, WeAreDevelopers World Congress)
  • Author of React Native open-source bridging modules and open-source contributor, e.g. react-native-kontaktio
  • Personal blog: explainprogramming.com

Interested? 😊