Languages are a big passion of mine. I speak Mandarin Chinese fluently and enjoy to share my passion for it.

In this video I explain (in German with English subtitles) the basic building blocks of Chinese characters 🈷️ while teaching you how to read a Chinese menu 🔖🐉.

My YouTube channel: André China Tiger

At performances all around Germany I try to teach people the basics of the Chinese language in an entertaining and interactive manner. I want people to get a feeling for this fascinating language.

15 Minutes about many different aspects of Mandarin Chinese - the history of characters, radicals and the 4 tones. (🇺🇸 English)

City parks in the early morning hours are exciting. A small tour through a park in Xi'an. (🇩🇪 German)

Preparing Chinese Dumplings (饺子 - JiaoZi) with my former host family in Xi'an.

Interested in a talk about Chinese at your upcoming event?